Do sleep-ins count as working time?

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Certainly a worry for Care Providers Do sleep-ins count as working time? ‘Working time’ for the purposes of the Working Time Regulations 1998 is defined, in relation to a worker, as ‘any period during which he is working, at his employer’s disposal and carrying out his activity or duties.’ Where a worker is required to remain on the employer’s premises … Read More

15 Minute Homecare Visits



A recent headline in the Guardian caught my eye as it is something that we at Quality Lifestyle have refused to provide. “Why 15-minute homecare visits should be banned” When we think of providing care and support to vulnerable individuals we start that process from the moment we knock on the door.  How long to just answer the door can … Read More

The cost of being ‘dementia-friendly’



Having read a story on BBC News in their health section, the following statement gave me pause for thought. “Businesses must become more dementia-friendly and support employees who care for loved ones with dementia, says the government” The question is who would pay for this? Certainly not the government and imposing rules on small businesses that have small workforces would … Read More

Why don’t we talk about the good care stories?



In light of another shocking Panorama programme, care is now again in the spotlight. This needs to be highlighted and dealt with, but care isn’t a breeding ground for abuse. Most carers care and are sickened by what was shown on the programme. So some positives about care would be nice to hear. Let’s say –  it’s an area that … Read More