Quality Lifestyle Ltd has been providing care and support services for adults with various degrees of abilities and needs since 2003 in Plymouth and the surrounding area. We started out providing residential care to adults with learning disabilities, vulnerable adults with complex needs and adults who present a challenge to the service. We have had great success in supporting many people improve their opportunities in life through detailed care and support plans affording them the opportunity to broaden their life experiences.

After 10 years of providing high quality care homes and positive feedback from our customers we have extended our provision to offer care in your own home and supported living services.

Quality Lifestyle Head Office

Supporting You

We ensure your individuality, differences, wishes and beliefs are respected. We ensure your human rights and dignity is protected at all times.

We want you to have the life you want, enjoy the care and support you receive, develop your skills if you wish, become more independent and enjoy a better quality of life in your home or out in the wider community.

We ensure that you are involved at every stage in designing and creating a service which is tailored to your wishes and needs. We prefer to focus on your abilities rather than your disability which is why your support plans are written with your full involvement. We aim to work with you to achieve more, develop your skills,  and empower you to achieve greater independence.

We are person centred which means we listen to what you want and what is important to you. You will decide on your support and direct what happens.

Our staff will support you on your chosen journey to find the best way to maintain your independence, make informed choices and stay in control of decisions that affect your life.

You Choose

Choose the type of care you require based on your needs. We can help you with this, simply get in touch and we can talk you thorough the options available.

We understand it is fundamentally important for you to be comfortable receiving care in your own home – it is your personal space and it can be difficult to acknowledge a little extra help is needed.

You Decide
  • who supports you
  • how and when they support you
  • whether or not you want your care worker to wear a uniform (some people prefer to have their care worker in plain clothes)
  • if you require any additional services from Quality Lifestyle (such as gardening or cleaning)
We Provide
  • an initial assessment to ensure we understand your needs and preferences
  • a  care worker we believe is well suited to you (this can be changed at any time if you are not happy)
  • regular contact with you to ensure you are fully satisfied with your care worker and support plan

What makes Quality Lifestyle Different?

The Quality Lifestyle Promise

  • ensure the services you receive are designed with your full involvement around your wishes, abilities and aspirations
  • ensure your staff arrive on time and leave when your support is completed to your satisfaction
  • ensure you are respected and treated in a dignified manner
  • ensure you are supported by consistent staff members and not a new face at each visit
  • ensure the quality of the service is maintained at all times
  • ensure our approach is flexible to accommodate the changes in your needs
  • ensure your differences, diversity, cultural and religious needs are respected

Our Staff

Our staff are carefully selected to provide an exceptional level of care and are chosen for their expertise, understanding and genuine interest in making a difference to your quality of life.

They are highly trained and experienced in providing specialist care for the elderly and for all people with varying needs and difficulties including Physical Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Palliative Care, Mental Health Issues, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome and Dementia.

Training and development is paramount to delivering a service of quality and excellence and all of our staff are professionally screened and checked and undertake our comprehensive training programme to ensure that we are able to give you the best service and fully support your specific needs.

Quality Lifestyle Ltd are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)