Many people will be entitled to financial support to pay for their care but it is not free to everyone and some people will not be entitled to any financial contribution. Your local Council will carry out an assessment on your needs and depending on the outcome of that assessment, a financial assessment may be carried out.

Local Authority Funding

If you are assessed as being eligible for funding by your local Council, your funding will be provided in one of two ways, depending on your Local Authority:

A personal budget is an allocation of funding given to you after you have been declared eligible from an assessment. This pot of funding should be enough to meet your assessed needs.  You may either take the personal budget as a direct payment or leave the Council with the responsibility to buy the services on your behalf.  Some people choose to go with a combination of the two.

A personal budgets may be a good option for you if you do not want to take on the responsibilities of a direct payment.

Direct Payments are cash payments given to you to pay for care services which you have been assessed as needing. Direct Payments were created to give you greater choice and control over the care services you need.  The payment will be enough to enable you to buy services you need to meet your needs.  The cash must only be spent on the services identified in your support plan.

A direct payment gives you the responsibility to employ people or to buy services from registered care agencies.  You  can get support in managing your direct payment from support officers within the Council.

Social Services Funding

If you receive any form of social care payment such as Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance you can use this funding to pay for your care.

If you are aged under 65 and you have a physical and/or mental difficulty which requires you to need additional support, you may claim Disability Living Allowance. The allowance will help you fund personal care assistance.
If you are over the age of 65 you may be entitled to Attendance Allowance if you have difficulty with personal care tasks such as using the toilet and eating.

Private Funding

If you are not entitled to any Local Authority or social care payments, you may pay privately for your care. We will talk you through our charges, ensuring you know exactly what you are paying and when. There are no hidden charges with Quality Lifestyle Ltd.