15 Minute Homecare Visits



A recent headline in the Guardian caught my eye as it is something that we at Quality Lifestyle have refused to provide.

“Why 15-minute homecare visits should be banned”

When we think of providing care and support to vulnerable individuals we start that process from the moment we knock on the door.  How long to just answer the door can eat away at valuable time, and if mobility is an issue then how is this accounted for.

It boils down to cost but 15 minutes does not adequately cover a care visit. In 15 minutes you could barely cover the basic questions never mind provide an adequate care service and when you start rushing someone they feel a burden or that they are not important.

Well at Quality Lifestyle you are important and we will endeavour to get the correct package, and the correct hours that you need with a full free assessment.  So if it’s for you or a loved one give us a call.